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Annette Hanshaw
The Girl Next Door

During parties, young Annette Hanshaw was invariably asked to sing to her parent's guests. On one occasion in 1926, a recording manager for Pathe Records heard Annette and asked her to make a test record. Annette, then only 16, made the record and then nervously added, "that's all" when she finished recording. The test was well received and her ending tag amused the recording staff. She continued using it on future recordings.

In short order Annette became a popular artist on a variety of major labels, often backed by fine jazz musicians. Her intimate voice and charming style of singing—a new and fresh sound—had a wide appeal to the record buying public. According to reliable accounts, Hanshaw disliked her own voice and couldn't bear listening to her own records. Fortunately, she was in the minority when it came to that opinion.

But she retired from the profession in 1934 at the tender age of 24 while still at the top of her recording career. Excellent samples of these recordings are That's You Baby, Daddy Won't You Please Come Home and Am I Blue. She continued as a radio performer until 1941 because "she didn't have to hear herself singing on radio". To this day, records made by this shy, reluctant artist remain highly prized by collectors.
  Track Song Title Date Time
1 It All Depends On You 1927 2:42
2 My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now 1928 2:38
3 I Can`t Give You Anything But Love 1928 2:57
4 In A Great Big Way 1929 3:04
5 Lover Come Back To Me 1929 3:02
6 You Wouldn`t Fool Me Would You 1929 2:34
7 Button Up Your Overcoat 1929 2:52
8 I Get The Blues When It Rains 1929 2:38
9 That`s You Baby 1929 2:35
10 Big City Blues 1929 2:57
11 My Sin 1929 3:01
12 I Think You`ll Like It 1929 2:42
13 Daddy Won`t You Please Come Home 1929 2:57
14 I Love A Ukulele 1930 2:58
15 Am I Blue 1929 3:11
16 (I`m A Dreamer) Aren`t We All 1929 2:59
17 I Have To Have You 1929 2:55
18 Happy Days Are Here Again 1930 3:08
19 Ho Hum 1931 3:00
20 Say It Isn`t So 1932 2:58
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