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Charles W. Hamp
A Pioneer Radio Sensation

Charles W. Hamp was a unique entertainer with a fascinating career. As a musician, he played piano and sax. In WWI Hamp was made director of the USA ambulance Service Jazz Band entertaining the troops. After the War, Hamp appeared in vaudeville with the popular Janet of France and later teamed with Earl Reynolds as The California Blue Boys. This team made a two-year tour of the USA with live shows and radio appearances.

By 1927 Hamp settled for a more stable job on Los Angeles radio station as its director. While filling in for a no-show artist, Hamp played the piano and crooned several favorite tunes of the day. He became an overnight success, leading to a recording contract with Columbia Records. By 1931, an article in Variety proclaimed Hamp was the highest paid individual artist in radio while other print media throughout the country gave him high praise as he captivated fans with his crooning, piano virtuosity, unusual chatter and bubbling personality.

From 1936-7, Hamp starred in a transcribed radio show called Rhapsody in Rhythm, featuring the snappy jazz group, The Rhythm Rascals. These engaging shows are the source for the selections included here.
  Track Song Title Date Time
1 Rhapsody In Rhythm 1937 2:20
2 My Melancholy Baby 1937 2:53
3 With Plenty Of Money And You 1937 1:38
4 For Sentimental Reasons 1937 2:36
5 Roll On You Mississippi Roll On 1937 1:42
6 Let`s Call A Heart A Heart 1937 3:18
7 Darkness On The Delta 1937 3:19
8 You Can`t Pull The Wool Over My Eyes 1937 1:53
9 It`s Gonna Be You 1937 1:43
10 Muddy Waters 1937 3:05
11 Too Marvelous For Words 1937 2:21
12 It`s A Sin To Tell A Lie 1937 2:13
13 I`ve Got You Under My Skin 1937 2:29
14 I`d Do Anything For You 1937 2:36
15 Moonbeam Kiss Her For Me 1937 2:44
16 Down Where The Swanee River Flows 1937 2:00
17 Mother, Dixie And You 1937 2:34
18 Pennies From Heaven 1937 3:23
19 I Was Taken By Storm 1937 2:33
20 Boo Hoo 1937 1:43
21 My Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes 1937 2:51
22 Here`s Love In Your Eye 1937 1:42
23 These Foolish Things Remind Me Of You 1937 2:09
24 It`s Time To Say Farewell 1937 2:58
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