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Earl Burtnett
And His Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel Orchestra

In 1923, Earl Burtnett became a pianist and arranger for Art Hickman, formerly a prominent bandleader at the Rose Room in San Francisco's St. Francis Hotel, who had just become Entertainment Director at the swank Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. After 1926 Hickman retired and Burtnett took over the band and began making records under his own name.

In 1927, The Biltmore Trio, consisting of Eddie Bush, Bill Seckler and Paul Gibbons, joined Burtnett and enhanced the group not only with strings, but mainly with their vocals. The Trio's popularity soon rivaled that of the band, encouraging other bandleaders to add vocal trios to their orchestras.

Burtnett's Biltmore Hotel orchestra, in addition to recordings, also made appearances in several early films such as The Broadway Melody, The Great Gabbo, Puttin' on the Ritz and Love in the Rough. In 1924 Burtnett became a member of ASCAP as a writer, and two of his own songs, Never Before and Never Again and 'Leven-Thirty Saturday Night have been included on this CD.
  Track Song Title Date Time
1 Never Before And Never Again 1927 3:21
2 Stay Out Of The South 1928 3:14
3 The Wedding Of The Painted Doll 1929 3:06
4 You Were Meant For Me 1929 3:08
5 Broadway Melody 1929 3:00
6 Walkin` Around In A Dream 1929 3:13
7 Low Down Rhythm 1929 3:23
8 Your Mother And Mine 1929 2:56
9 Nobody But You 1929 3:11
10 Sunny Side Up 1930 2:38
11 Puttin` On The Ritz 1930 2:26
12 `Leven-Thirty Saturday Night 1930 2:37
13 Singing A Song To The Stars 1930 2:50
14 I`m Doin` That Thing 1930 3:00
15 Little White Lies 1930 3:09
16 I`ve Found What I Wanted In You 1931 2:49
17 Too Late 1931 3:14
18 You`re Not The Same 1931 2:52
19 Ridin` Around In The Rain 1934 2:54
20 She Reminds Me of You 1934 3:11
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