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Echos from the 1920s

This second 1920's collection is a companion piece to our earlier release Favorites Of The 1920's and provides more enticing tunes from the Jazz Age. The songs contained here are quintessential 1920's numbers that offer interesting observations about that era. This is especially true for Running Wild which says it all, "Running wild, lost control. Running wild, mighty bold. Feeling gay, reckless too." What better way to describe this decade?

Two Prohibition songs, I'll See You In C-U-B-A and Hello Montreal comment on our willingness to leave the country to enjoy legal booze elsewhere—which hardly seemed necessary with all the bootleg liquor available here. Henry's Made A Lady Out Of Lizzie pokes fun at Henry Ford who continued making the hopelessly out-of-date "Tin Lizzie" (Model T) for years and reluctantly introduced the modern Model A only after a drastic decline in sales. Even Ford's anti-Semitism does not escape attention in this song. In contrast, Lucky Lindy celebrates Charles Lindbergh's heroic solo flight from New York to Paris.

As one might expect, several popular love songs are included in this collection given that this was an age of sexual liberation. Songs like Bye Bye Blackbird and I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover capture the undying optimism of the twenties.
  Track Song Title Artist Date Time
1 I`ll See You In C-U-B-A Billy Murray 1920 2:59
2 Margie Ben Selvin 1920 2:37
3 Palesteena Original Dixieland Jazz Band 1920 2:46
4 Ma! (He`s Making Eyes At Me) Billy Jones 1921 3:07
5 Chicago Aileen Stanley 1922 2:56
6 Blue (And Broken Hearted) The Virginians 1922 2:51
7 Runnin` Wild Miss Patricola 1922 3:03
8 That Old Gang Of Mine Benny Krueger 1923 2:52
9 Mexicali Rose Bar Harbor Society Orchestra 1923 3:11
10 There`ll Be Some Changes Made Marion Harris 1924 3:02
11 Last Night On The Back Porch Carl Fenton 1923 2:57
12 Lazy Al Jolson 1924 2:56
13 I Love My Baby Lee Morse 1925 2:57
14 Sleepy Time Gal Art Landry 1925 3:19
15 I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight Ben Selvin 1925 3:01
16 My Bundle Of Love Gene Austin 1925 2:15
17 Deed I Do Ben Pollack 1926 3:22
18 After I Say I`m Sorry Jean Goldkette 1926 3:15
19 I`d Love To Call You My Sweetheart Nick Lucas 1926 3:04
20 Sunday Abe Lyman 1926 2:58
21 Bye Bye Blackbird George Olsen 1926 3:05
22 There Ain`t No Maybe There In My Baby`s Eyes Harry Archer 1926 2:39
23 Are You Lonesome Tonight? Frank Munn 1927 3:16
24 Miss Annabelle Lee Al Goering 1927 2:44
25 Keep Sweeping The Cobwebs Off The Moon Ruth Etting 1927 3:02
26 Lucky Lindy Irving Kaufman 1927 2:54
27 I`m Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover Gene Goldkette 1927 3:14
28 I Can`t Believe That You`re In Love With Me Johnny Marvin 1927 3:15
29 Ain`t That A Grand And Glorious Feeling Troubadours 1927 2:41
30 Me And My Shadow Helen Morgan 1927 3:09
31 How About Me? Fred Waring`s Pennsylvanians 1928 3:12
32 Hello Montreal Jazz Pilots 1928 3:02
33 Henry`s Made A Lady Out Of Lizzie Beth Challis 1928 2:53
34 Dream Train Nat Shilkret 1928 3:11
35 A Precious Little Thing Called Love Irving Kaufman 1929 2:56
36 Am I Blue? Libby Holman 1929 3:17
37 I`ve Got A Feeling I`m Falling Jesse Crawford 1929 2:42
38 Glad Rag Doll Jack Smith 1929 3:07
39 Miss You Meyer Davis 1929 3:16
40 Sunny Side Up Chick Endor 1929 2:17
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