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The Sophisticated Stylings of Eddy Duchin
Eddy Duchin

This is a companion album to the first volume, The Elegant Eddy Duchin, and provides more selections from his 1933-37 recordings for the Victor label. The rhythmic, sweet band sound with polished arrangements featuring Duchin's piano was an attraction to the affluent set who could afford the upscale venue in which this orchestra played.

While playing at the Central Park Casino Duchin fell in love with Marjorie Oelrichs, one of many wealthy debutants who came night after night to to see and hear him. They married in 1934 after a three-year romance. But the marriage was a brief one; Marjorie died a few days after giving birth to their son Peter. Eddy died prematurely of leukemia in 1951. Peter, also an excellent pianist, kept his father's tradition alive as a respected bandleader.

While many could not afford the high-end clubs in which bands such as Duchin's played, those fortunate enough to own radios could listen free to live, late night broadcasts of their favorite bands. Duchin's records also afforded a means to play and enjoy hits like Cheek To Cheek, Pennies From Heaven, Lovely To Look At and other favorites in the comfort of one's home.
  Track Song Title Artist Date Time
1 The Camera Doesn`t Lie Buddy Clark 1937 3:03
2 Cheek to Cheek Lew Sherwood 1935 3:26
3 I Can`t Escape From You Jerry Cooper 1936 3:31
4 Why Do I Dream Those Dreams? Lew Sherwood 1934 3:17
5 Pennies From Heaven Lew Sherwood 1936 2:55
6 I`m Going Shopping With You Lew Sherwood 1934 2:47
7 A Hundred Years From Today Lew Sherwood 1933 3:26
8 Dust On The Moon Lew Sherwood 1934 2:52
9 I Won`t Dance Lew Sherwood 1935 2:59
10 Riptide Lew Sherwood & The DeMarco Sisters 1934 3:35
11 You Are My Lucky Star Lew Sherwood 1935 2:55
12 I`m Building Up To An Awful Letdown Lew Sherwood 1935 2:46
13 The Words Are In My Heart Lew Sherwood 1934 2:50
14 Let`s Call The Whole Thing Off Jerry Cooper 1937 2:52
15 Easy Come, Easy Go The DeMarco Sisters 1934 3:17
16 I Just Couldn`t Take It Baby Lew Sherwood 1933 3:29
17 La Cumparsita Instrumental 1933 2:59
18 Lovely To Look At Lew Sherwood 1935 2:59
19 A Needle In A Haystack Lew Sherwood 1934 3:26
20 Moonlight and Shadows Lew Sherwood 1937 2:50
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