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Echos From The Cocoanut Grove
Gus Arnheim

The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles offered posh, resort type accommodations that attracted dignitaries, socialites and celebrities. It was also the home of the Coconut Grove—a world famous nightclub that catered to this set.

From 1928 to 1931 Gus Arnheim's orchestra was in residence as the Grove's popular house band. He was called "the star of entertainers and the entertainer of stars". Indeed, if stars were to be seen, it was rarely in Hollywood, but at the Coconut Grove. Not surprisingly, several musicians and vocalists who performed with Arnheim at this time soon became stars themselves, including Bing Crosby, Fred MacMurray, Russ Columbo, Jack Smith and Donald Novis.

Selections in this collection are transferred from rare radio transcriptions made in 1931. We are fortunate these transcriptions were saved, since Gus Arnheim failed to make commercial releases of a great many songs that have only survived thanks to these shows. Moreover, these numbers are performed in a more relaxed and spontaneous style of a nightclub rather than in the controlled setting of a recording studio. The two vocals by Bing Crosby for Out Of Nowhere and What Is It? were actually recorded live from the Grove, making them especially atmospheric.
  Track Song Title Artist Date Time
1 Sweet Georgia Brown Orchestra 1931 2:35
2 Just One More Chance Jack Smith 1931 3:58
3 Roll On Mississippi, Roll On George Gramlich 1931 3:04
4 By A Lazy Country Lane Loyce Whiteman 1931 3:38
5 At Your Command Don Novis 1931 3:15
6 My Sweet Tooth Says I Wanna Orchestra 1931 2:57
7 You Said It Loyce Whiteman 1931 3:20
8 Lies Dave Marshall, Three Ambassadors 1931 3:54
9 Nobody`s Sweetheart Harry Barris, Three Ambassadors 1931 3:21
10 You`re The Surest Cure For The Blues Three Ambassadors 1931 2:31
11 You Don`t Know What You`re Doing Loyce Whiteman 1931 3:01
12 There`s Nothing Too Good For My Baby Harry Barris 1931 2:52
13 Any Corner Is A Cosy Corner Loyce Whiteman 1931 3:36
14 She Went Havana George Gramlich 1931 2:27
15 It`s Love Loyce Whiteman 1931 3:21
16 Love For Sale Orchestra 1931 2:45
17 Can`t You Read Between The Lines George Gramlich 1931 3:22
18 Why Dance Don Novis 1931 2:51
19 Out Of Nowhere Bing Crosby 1931 4:19
20 What Is It Bing Crosby and Loyce Whiteman 1931 4:29
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