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Harry Reser

Harry Reser was something of an enigma. At a quick glance you might take him for a straight-laced accountant or banker. He was, in fact, a master musician and banjo virtuoso second to none. Yet this distinguished looking gentleman conducted several of the zaniest novelty bands of the 1920's. His various groups were given names such as the Six Jumping Jacks, Seven Wild Men, Roving Romeos, and Jazz Pilots and the music they played was as bright and amusing as their names suggest. Nonetheless, the bands were always comprised of top-flight musicians and their novelty arrangements were precise and flawless.

The selections on this CD include some old standards such as At Sundown, My One and Only and Down South as well as several novelty tunes, including If My Baby Cooks As Good As She Looks and I'm Just Wild About Animal Crackers. Every selection provides enjoyable, toe-tapping performances with brilliant banjo segments by Harry Reser. Most of the humorous vocals here are provided by the inimitable Tom Stacks.
  Track Song Title Artist Date Time
1 My Sunday Girl Clicquot Club Eskimos 1927 2:50
2 Watching The Clouds Roll By Clicquot Club Eskimos 1928 3:09
3 At Sundown Clicquot Club Eskimos 1927 3:15
4 My One And Only Clicquot Club Eskimos 1927 2:54
5 Crazy Rhythm Harry Reser's Syncopators 1928 2:42
6 Don`t Be Like That Harry Reser's Syncopators 1928 2:55
7 Kansas City Kitty Harry Reser's Syncopators 1929 2:46
8 My Troubles Are Over Harry Reser's Syncopators 1928 2:56
9 If My Baby Cooks As Good As She Looks The Roving Romeos 1926 2:36
10 Down South Harry Reser's Banjo Boys 1928 2:38
11 I`m Just Wild About Animal Crackers Seven Wild Men 1926 2:50
12 Someone Is Losin` Susan Seven Little Polar Bears 1926 3:05
13 Sleepy Time Gal The Jazz Pilots 1925 3:03
14 She`s A Great, Great Girl The Jazz Pilots 1928 3:00
15 Ya Gotta Know How To Love Them The Clevelanders 1926 2:45
16 I`m Thirsty For Kisses - Hungry For Love The Clevelanders 1929 2:55
17 Shout Hallelujah! Cause I?m Home The Clevelanders 1929 3:27
18 I Faw Down And Go Boom Six Jumping Jacks 1929 2:52
19 That`s Her Now Six Jumping Jacks 1929 2:44
20 Outside Six Jumping Jacks 1929 2:40
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