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Echos from the Cocoanut Grove
Jimmie Grier

In 1932, Jimmie Grier took the reins as bandleader at the Coconut Grove. He was no stranger to this prestigious nightclub since he played reed, first violin and served as an arranger for Gus Arnheim, his predecessor. Arnheim was described as a quiet, gentlemanly person and by contrast Grier was alleged to be a fun-loving guy sometimes bordering on prankster. And while the personality of the leaders may have changed, the music at the Grove retained its same high standard in the tradition of "the west coast sound" during Grier's tenancy.

The Three Ambassadors, Donald Novis and Loyce Whiteman, all from the Arnheim era, remained as the main vocalists while Dick Webster and Margaret Lawrence were also added to this cast in 1932. All selections included here were taken directly from rare radio transcriptions that included scores of excellent songs never commercially recorded by Jimmie Grier.

Featured here is one true standard Stardust and several period hits including Two Loves Have I, Bend Down Sister and I Idolize My Baby's Eyes. Every selection here are enjoyable examples of favorites of the period.
  Track Song Title Artist Date Time
1 Bend Down Sister Three Ambassadors 1932 3:24
2 Stardust Don Novis 1932 4:04
3 By The Sycamore Tree Loyce Whiteman 1932 3:11
4 We`ve Got To Put That Sun Back In The Sky Three Ambassadors 1932 2:25
5 Just Temporarily Blue Orchestra 1932 3:15
6 Tell Tales Loyce Whiteman 1932 3:26
7 I Promise You Dick Webster 1932 4:27
8 The More You Hurt Me Margaret Lawrence 1932 3:49
9 Kiss By Kiss (I`m Falling In Love With You) Three Ambassadors 1932 3:45
10 You Could Have Been The One Baby Loyce Whiteman 1932 3:35
11 Two Loves Have I Don Novis 1932 3:26
12 What Did You Do With It? Margaret Lawrence 1932 3:01
13 Sugar Orchestra 1932 2:32
14 I Idolize My Baby`s Eyes Loyce Whiteman 1932 3:08
15 Where The Blue Of The Night (Meets the Gold of the Don Novis 1932 4:15
16 Tired Loyce Whiteman 1932 4:19
17 Ooh, That Kiss Three Ambassadors 1932 2:31
18 Was That The Human Thing To Do? Margaret Lawrence 1932 3:21
19 Goodnight Moon Dick Webster 1932 4:24
20 Music In The Moonlight Don Novis 1932 2:03
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