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Johnny Marvin
A Voice Of The 20's

There was a period in the 1920's when Johnny Marvin was one of the most prolific of recording artists. During his heyday, there was scarcely a phonograph on which a Marvin recording had not been played. Marvin had a relaxed, friendly style with a distinct Mid-western twang -- not unlike Gene Austin and Cliff Edwards.

Johnny Marvin grew up in Butler Oklahoma into a musical family where he mastered various string instruments. As a teen, Johnny left home to join a Hawaiian troupe. His career was interrupted by WWI when he joined the Navy. Following the war he returned to vaudeville, often struggling on the road until becoming established as a top recording artist. He also continued in Vaudeville, made a few film shorts, and was heard on radio as Dr. Cheer.

By the mid-1930's, Johnny and brother Frankie accepted an invitation by their friend Gene Autry to join the Autry organization. Gene was by then very successful as the "Singing Cowboy" on radio and film and was quick to lend a hand to past friends. Johnny ended his career with this group, co-authoring western songs with Gene.
  Track Song Title Date Time
1 It`s A Million To One You`re In Love 1927 3:06
2 Half A Moon 1926 3:02
3 12th Street Rag 1926 2:38
4 I`m Afraid To Sing That Song To Somebody Else 1927 2:50
5 Old Man Sunshine 1928 2:50
6 Angel 1928 2:30
7 My Pet 1928 2:33
8 Bye Bye Blues 1930 2:23
9 Lucky Me - Loveable You 1929 2:46
10 I Still Get A Thrill 1930 2:29
11 I`d Fall In Love With Me 1929 2:45
12 You Know You Belong To Somebody Else 1931 2:12
13 Somebody Stole My Gal 1931 2:24
14 Commercial For Columbia Cleaner 1931 2:15
15 Yours and Mine 1931 2:39
16 Crazy Rhythm 1928 2:38
17 To Whom It May Concern 1931 2:27
18 I`m In Seventh Heaven 1930 2:24
19 You Darlin` 1933 2:59
20 The One I Love Just Can`t Be Bothered With Me 1930 2:40
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