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Lee Morse
A Musical Portrait

Lee Morse was about 5 feet tall, barely 100 pounds soaking wet with a powerful voice and amazing range covering more than 3 octaves. In vaudeville she began singing behind a screen in her lower register leading the audience to expect a man. This thin, petite lady would then appear and continue singing in a soprano range. "One Small Girl A Whole Quartet" was the billing she was given. Lee was at home with energetic novelty tunes yet brought tears to ones eyes with heartfelt ballads.

Morse was born, Lena Taylor to a large, musical family with southern roots. Her father was a preacher and one of the original Texas Rangers. In 1915 she married Elmer Morse in Idaho and kept Morse as her stage name although the marriage didn't last. Her stage career began in 1920 followed by a successful career as recording artist in 1924. Unfortunately, Lee's fiery temper, eccentric personality and problem with alcohol kept her from fully achieving the stardom she deserved.

These recordings provide a fitting tribute to this remarkable, but enigmatic performer. Blue, Turning Grey Over You and Something In The Night demonstrate her skills as a torch singer while Walking My Baby Back Home and It's The Girls are good examples of her novelty approach. Her Blue Grass Boys support Morse with excellent jazz backing.
  Track Song Title Date Time
1 Want A Little Lovin` 1925 2:48
2 He`s Still My Baby 1926 2:54
3 Side By Side 1927 3:09
4 Old Fashioned Romance 1927 2:57
5 Be Sweet To Me 1928 2:51
6 Keep Sweeping The Cobwebs Off The Moon 1927 2:28
7 Don`t Keep Me In The Dark Bright Eyes 1928 2:34
8 Miss You 1929 2:36
9 Blue, Turning Grey Over You 1930 3:18
10 Tain`t No Sin (To Dance Around In Your Bones) 1930 3:31
11 Nobody Cares If I`m Blue 1930 3:22
12 I Still Get A Thrill (Thinking Of You) 1930 3:09
13 Walking My Baby Back Home 1931 3:13
14 By My Side 1931 3:29
15 I`m An Unemployed Sweetheart 1931 3:19
16 It`s The Girls 1931 3:21
17 Something In The Night 1932 3:14
18 When I Lost You 1938 2:51
19 Careless Love 1938 3:09
20 Don`t Even Change A Picture on the Wall 1951 2:56
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