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Legendary Voices of Vaudeville

It is hard to overstate the importance of vaudeville as a source of entertainment during its heyday. It was today's equivalent to radio, TV, films, the Internet and comedy clubs all rolled up in one. Actually, it was the introduction of radio and talking pictures as rival sources of entertainment that led to vaudevilles' eventual demise.

Vaudeville was another term for variety with acts such as acrobats, jugglers, magicians, midgets, animal acts, dancers, comedians, bands and singers. These acts criss-crossed the country to appear on bills in vaudeville houses (Theatres) that were prevalent in towns and cities throughout the nation.

As most types of vaudeville acts were entirely visual, this CD is limited to singers, instrumentals and dialog where sound is available.

Artists presented here were major attractions and all represent for the sounds of vaudeville. Many like Nora Bayes, Elsie Janis, Sophie Tucker, Harry Lauder, Belle Baker and Van & Schenck were headliners. We have chosen selections that give the feel of a live stage performance and some are from actual vaudeville acts on early sound shorts. These include Be Your Age, I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now, Love Baby and Strum My Blues Away.
  Track Song Title Artist Date Time
1 You Won`t Do Any Business If You Haven`t Got A Ban George M. Cohan 1911 2:29
2 Turn Off Your Light, Mr. Moon Man Nora Bayes & Jack Norworth 1911 3:39
3 Saving Up Coupons For Mother Nat Wills 1909 3:04
4 The Darktown Strutters' Ball Elsie Janis 1919 2:47
5 You Can`t Get Away From It Bert Williams 1914 2:47
6 All By Myself Flo Bert 1921 3:06
7 I`m Going Way Back Home and Have A Wonderful Time Avon Comedy Four 1916 2:46
8 Vampin` Sal (The Sheba of Georgia) Sophie Tucker 1922 2:50
9 Positively Mr. Gallagher-Absolutely Mr. Shean Gallagher & Shean 1922 3:15
10 Sweet Indiana Home Marion Harris 1922 2:59
11 Tomorrow Margaret Young 1922 3:07
12 Lover Came Back Lou Holtz 1923 2:51
13 'Way Down Yonder In New Orleans Blossom Seeley 1922 2:34
14 After The Opera Willie & Eugene Howard 1925 3:07
15 If I Can`t Get The Sweetie I Want Miss Patricola 1923 2:52
16 Nobody`s Child Georgie Price 1924 2:38
17 Hotsy Totsy Town Ruth Roye 1923 2:51
18 Roamin` In The Gloamin Sir Harry Lauder 1926 4:02
19 Red Head! & Be Your Age Irene Franklin 1929 3:49
20 Goodbye, My Lady Love & I Wonder Who`s Kissing Her Joseph E. Howard 1928 4:27
21 Magnolia Van & Schenck 1927 2:44
22 Let`s Talk About My Sweetie Peggy English 1926 2:53
23 Headin` Home (Bound for Birmingham) Wendell Hall 1928 2:33
24 Love Baby Harry Fox with Beatrice Curtis 1929 1:59
25 Alexander`s Ragtime Band Ted Lewis 1927 3:04
26 Looking At The World Thru' Rose Colored Glasses Aileen Stanley 1926 2:47
27 If You Want the Rainbow (You Must Have The Rain) Mel Klee 1929 2:27
28 Baby Your Mother (Like She Babied You) Belle Baker 1927 3:11
29 Can Broadway Do Without Me? Clayton, Jackson & Durante 1929 3:05
30 Mine All Mine Jane Green 1927 2:42
31 The Day I Marry You Eddie Foy, Jr. 1930 2:04
32 I Ain`t That Kind of A Baby Esther Walker 1927 2:52
33 That`s What Puts the "Sweet" In Home Sweet Home Ed Lowry 1928 3:03
34 I`ll Tell The World (You`re All The World To Me) Cora Green 1929 1:39
35 There Must Be A Silver Lining (That`s Shining For Larry Rich 1929 2:45
36 It Must Be An Old Spanish Custom Duncan Sisters 1930 3:22
37 I Just Roll Along (Havin` My Ups And Downs) Harry Richman 1928 2:40
38 The Blues Singer From Alabam Bessie Brown 1929 3:00
39 Strum My Blues Away & A Little Music In The Moonli Johnny Marvin 1927 4:24
40 Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are Baby Rose Marie 1933 2:57
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