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Libby Holman
Moanin` Low

Born Elizabeth Holzman in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1904, this daughter of a successful attorney considered the study of law, but decided instead to give the stage a whirl and made her Broadway debut in 1925. In 1929 Libby got her big break in a Revue called The Little Show in which she introduced Moanin' Low and Can't We Be Friends, both were immediate hits. The following year she appeared in an even greater success, The Little Show, the Revue in which she introduced Body And Soul and Something To Remember You By both of which became standards.

In 1931 she married Zachary Smith, the heir to the Reynolds Tobacco fortune and in the course of a drunken party, Zachary died from a bullet wound with Libby as the prime suspect in the shooting. The case never went to trial, but the notoriety damaged her as a celebrity.

Misfortune continued to be a constant companion to Libby throughout her life including the death of a son in a mountain climbing accident, the unusual demise of several close friends and her own accidental death from Carbon monoxide poisoning while trapped in her garage. This album features recordings made by Holman from 1927 to 1934, while still in her heyday as a torch singer.
  Track Song Title Date Time
1 Moanin` Low 1929 3:26
2 Can`t We Be Friends? 1929 4:03
3 Who`s That Knocking At My Door? 1927 3:04
4 There Ain`t No Sweet Man That`s Worth The Salt Of 1928 3:00
5 He`s A Good Man To Have Around 1929 3:09
6 The Way He Loves Is Just Too Bad 1928 2:52
7 I`m Doin` What I`m Doin` For Love 1929 3:19
8 I May Be Wrong-But I Think You`re Wonderful 1929 2:59
9 My Man Is On The Make 1929 3:04
10 Here Am I 1929 3:02
11 Find Me A Primitive Man 1929 2:56
12 A Ship Without A Sail 1930 3:19
13 What Is This Thing Called Love? 1930 3:02
14 Cooking Breakfast For The One I Love 1930 3:01
15 Body And Soul 1930 3:20
16 Something To Remember You By 1930 3:17
17 I`m One Of God`s Children-Who Hasn`t Got Wings 1931 3:13
18 You And The Night And The Music 1934 2:51
19 When You Love Only One 1934 3:19
20 Moanin` Low 1929 3:24
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