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Echos from the Cocoanut Grove
Phil Harris

Phil Harris was born in Indiana in 1904 to a musical family--his father played piano for Ringling Bros. Circus. They moved to Nashville where his father formed a dance band and young Phil was allowed to join in on drums. In 1928 formed the Lofner-Harris band with partner Carol Lofner. For the 1932-33 season Phil became the bandleader at the Coconut Grove, following in the footsteps of Jimmie Grier.

However, Harris put his own stamp on entertainment at The Grove. By contrast to his predecessors, Arnheim and Grier, he was the first bandleader there who also performed as a vocalist and an attraction. Phil's pronounced southern drawl seemed to please the patrons. The Three Ambassadors including Jack Smith remained as vocalists and charming Leah Ray, affectionately called "the dimples from Dixie," was added as the female singer.

The selections included here are from rare radio transcriptions and include such standards as Lazy River, 12th Street Rag and also the somewhat suggestive How's About It, a novelty duet with Phil and Leah. Phil's star continued its rise when in 1936 he became a regular on the Jack Benny Show. In 1941 he and Alice Faye were married and from 1946-1955 they starred in their own hit radio show. By the late 50s, he began a retirement from show business.
  Track Song Title Artist Date Time
1 Got A Date With An Angel Orchestra 1932 3:26
2 How Can You Say No (When All The World Is Saying Y Leah Ray 1932 2:42
3 Rockin` Chair Phil Harris 1932 3:54
4 Baby The Three Ambassadors 1932 3:25
5 I`m Making Hay In The Moonlight Leah Ray 1932 2:52
6 The Vamp Orchestra 1932 3:10
7 Mimi The Three Ambassadors 1932 2:30
8 How`s About It Phil Harris & Leah Ray 1932 4:27
9 Linger A Little Longer In The Twilight Lee Norton 1932 3:45
10 You`re Getting To Be A Habit With Me Leah Ray 1932 3;27
11 You (Just Wonderful You) Orchestra 1932 2:04
12 Lazy River Phil Harris 1932 3:03
13 The Cop On The Beat, The Man In The Moon, And Me Leah Ray 1932 4:00
14 Young And Healthy The Three Ambassadors 1932 2:48
15 A Million Dreams Jeffrey Gill 1932 4:01
16 12th Street Rag Orchestra 1932 2:32
17 We Better Get Together Again Leah Ray, The Three Ambassadors 1932 4:16
18 I`ve Got Nothing To Do But Love Phil Harris 1932 3:10
19 Along Came Love The Three Ambassadors 1932 2;46
20 'Til Tomorrow Jack Smith 1932 4:08
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