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Rudy Vallée
The Voice That Had Them Fainting

Hubert Prior Vallée, was born in 1901 and raised in Maine. As a teenager, Hubert learned to play sax — a newly popular instrument used in period dance bands. He gained the nickname "Rudy" after his idol, Rudy Wiedoeft, a master of the saxophone. While at Yale, Vallée took to bandleading and after graduation his Connecticut Yankees became a fixture at the Heigh Ho Club. This band was broadcast live over radio and Rudy's vocals soon had the ladies swooning, making him an overnight sensation of the airways.

By the late 1920's, Rudy was recognized as the first of a series of crooners to become romantic idols. Vallée was soon in competition with Bing Crosby, Russ Columbo and, later, others vocalists as well. The crooning style would remain a mainstay until the 1950's when rock came into vogue.

Vallée successful recording career was well underway by the late 1920's. This collection features many of his finest recordings during his first decade as a superstar. During this decade, Vallée also introduced the highly successful radio show called The Fleischman Hour. This variety show featured many veteran performers and launched the careers of numerous future stars — earning Vallée a well-deserved reputation as a star-maker.
  Track Song Title Date Time
1 Doin` The Racoon 1928 2:48
2 Makin` Whoopee 1929 2:56
3 You`re Driving Me Crazy 1930 3:16
4 I`m Keepin` Company 1931 3:18
5 My Song 1931 3:08
6 This Is The Missus 1931 2:41
7 Me Minus You 1932 3:01
8 I`ll Never Have To Dream Again 1932 3:18
9 Just An Echo In The Valley 1932 3:39
10 A Bed-Time Story 1933 3:31
11 I`m Playing With Fire 1933 3:32
12 My Dancing Lady 1933 3:00
13 You Oughta Be In Pictures 1934 3:23
14 An Earful Of Music 1934 2:29
15 A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody 1934 3:03
16 Dancing In The Moonlight 1934 2:46
17 Page Miss Glory 1935 2:52
18 These Foolish Things 1936 3:03
19 That`s Southern Hospitality 1937 2:41
20 The Glory Of Love 1936 3:06
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