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Russ Columbo
Save The Last Dance For Me

Born Ruggiero Eugenio de Rudolpho Columbo in 1908, Russ was the youngest of twelve children in his family. As a child he learned to play the violin. By 1927 young Russ Columbo started playing professionally and in 1928 joined the prestigious Gus Arnheim Orchestra at the world famous Coconut Grove in Los Angeles. Russ played violin, sang in a trio, and performed solo vocals with Arnheim's group. Peach Of A Pair is one of three selections from this set he recorded with Arnheim.

However, it was his good looks and romantic baritone voice that caught the attention of celebrity patrons at the Grove. Having left Gus Arnheim in 1931, Columbo began a successful solo recording career as a leading crooner. Prisoner Of Love, a song he co-wrote, is from that period.

From 1931 to 1934 he performed on radio and appeared in several films. But with the promise of greater celebrity still ahead of him, Columbo's career was suddenly cut short by an accidental shooting by a good friend showing him an antique Civil War dueling pistol. His premature loss was deeply mourned within the entertainment community. When You're In Love, was waxed at Columbo's last recording session barely a month prior to this tragic event.
  Track Song Title Date Time
1 Back In Your Own Back Yard 1928 2:49
2 I Can`t Do It Without You 1929 2:58
3 Peach Of A Pair 1930 2:56
4 Sweet And Lovely 1931 3:30
5 I Don`t Know Why (I Just Do) 1931 3:05
6 Prisoner Of Love 1931 3:34
7 Time On My Hands 1931 3:05
8 All Of Me 1931 3:06
9 You Try Somebody Else 1931 3:30
10 Paradise 1932 3:12
11 Living In Dreams 1932 3:12
12 I See Two Lovers 1934 3:22
13 Too Beautiful For Words 1934 3:14
14 When You`re In Love 1934 3:06
15 Let`s Pretend There`s A Moon 1934 3:17
16 I Love Prince Pizzicato 1933 2:26
17 Coffee In The Morning and Kisses At Night 1934 4:36
18 Just Another Dream Of You 1932 3:07
19 Auf Weidersehen, My Dear 1932 3:21
20 Save The Last Dance For Me 1931 2:50
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