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Ruth Etting
Glorifier of American Song

It is remarkable that a young Nebraskan farm girl with a severe stuttering problem would one day be called the "Glorifier of American Song"—one of several titles bestowed on Ruth Etting during her career. In the 1930s she was at the height of her popularity, although all was not well in the country. The Depression had struck and financial suffering was spreading. During this period record sales plummeted, numerous labels went under and even releases by favorites like Etting became difficult to sell. It is the purpose of this collection to present Etting's hard-to-find releases from that time.

Although sales were down, Etting made some of her finest records in these difficult years. Among these are All Of Me, Hold Me, It's A Sin To Tell A Lie (released in England) and Whose Honey Are You? (from a very rare radio transcription). In addition we include two numbers recorded at a private session in 1958, years after her retirement—one of which, After You've Gone, was Ruth's favorite song

Ruth retired in 1937 while still a popular artist. She attempted a comeback on radio during the 1940s with modest success but her time had past. The time had come for a new generation of singers.
  Track Song Title Date Time
1 Were You Sincere? 1931 3:45
2 Me! 1931 2:43
3 All Of Me 1931 2:56
4 Home 1931 2:52
5 Without That Gal 1931 3:03
6 Can`t We Talk It Over 1932 2:55
7 (I`m Still Without A Sweetheart) With Summer Comin 1932 2:53
8 Lazy Day 1932 3:09
9 I`ll Never Have To Dream Again 1932 3:00
10 How Can I Go On Without You? 1933 2:44
11 Linger A Little Longer In The Twilight 1933 3:03
12 Hold Me 1933 2:37
13 Tomorrow Who Cares? 1934 3:04
14 Whose Honey Are You? 1935 1:55
15 It`s A Sin To Tell A Lie 1936 2:44
16 Holiday Sweetheart 1936 3:04
17 There`s Something In The Air 1936 2:55
18 On A Little Dream Ranch 1937 2:55
19 There`ll Be Some Changes Made 1958 2:06
20 After You`ve Gone 1958 2:48
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