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Ted Lewis
Is Everybody Happy Now?

It is hard to describe Ted Lewis—as an entertainer he was in a class by himself. Lewis was not considered a great clarinetist and he talked rather than sang his lyrics, yet he continued to perform for nearly 60 years. His trademark was the familiar phrase, "Is Everybody Happy?" and a crumpled top hat. The type of music Lewis played was so unique and enjoyable that it was never in, or out of style.

He was born Theodore Friedman in Circleville Ohio in 1890 to parents who ran a local clothing store. Against his parents wishes Lewis chose a career in music and began playing in vaudeville around 1906. In time he formed his own orchestra in which he played clarinet in a klezmer-like style and by 1919 started a highly successful recording career.

This album features his recordings from 1926 to 1932, an especially choice period because of the great songs he released and also for the top jazz sidemen that played with him—such as Benny Goodman, Jack Teagarden, Fats Waller and many others. Numbers included here are San, I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby (with vocal by Fats Waller), Someday Sweetheart and Dip Your Brush In The Sunshine are just four of the great selections provided here.
  Track Song Title Date Time
1 Is Everybody Happy Now? 1927 2:41
2 Frankie And Johnny 1927 2:54
3 When My Baby Smiles At Me 1926 3:14
4 Darktown Strutter` Ball 1927 2:33
5 Aunt Hagar`s Blues 1930 3:13
6 You`ve Got That Thing 1929 2:59
7 The Lonesome Road 1930 2:43
8 Egyptian Ella 1931 3:21
9 Home Made Sunshine 1930 3:09
10 San 1930 2:42
11 I`m Crazy `Bout My Baby 1931 3:07
12 Sobbin` Blues 1930 3:02
13 I`m All Dressed Up With A Broken Heart 1931 2:45
14 Royal Garden Blues 1931 2:58
15 Someday Sweetheart 1930 3:28
16 Dip Your Brush In The Sunshine 1931 3:05
17 I`m Sure Of Everything But You 1932 2:54
18 Somebody Loves You 1932 2:44
19 An Ev'ning In Caroline 1931 3:10
20 Old Playmate 1931 3:16
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