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The Boswell Sisters
Syncopating Harmonists from New Orleans

These three young sisters, Martha, Connie and "Vet", were raised in New Orleans and their musical training clearly benefited from the jazz influence that prevailed there. All three were fine musicians and Martha, who played piano, was often their accompanist. During their years as a vocal trio they gained immense popularity for their syncopated stylings and innovative harmonies.

In 1930, prior to launching their own recording career, the Sisters began attracting a following from radio broadcasts made in Hollywood. The shows were recorded on early 16-inch transcription discs for airing by participating radio stations. Nine of the selections included here are from those historic shows including I'm In Training For You. In 1930 they launched a highly successful recording career that continued until 1936 when the trio broke up. Connie (later Connee) continued on as a popular single artist.

This collection, in addition to the 1930 radio shows, includes two rare tracks from a 1935 Dodge radio show, I'll Never Say "Never Again" Again and Lullaby Of Broadway. The remaining selections are from choice commercial recordings made by the Boswells between 1932 and 1935.
  Track Song Title Date Time
1 I`m in Training for You 1930 1:47
2 When the Little Red Roses Get The Blues for You 1930 2:19
3 Does My Baby Love? 1930 1:55
4 Song of the Dawn 1930 3:14
5 Liza Lee 1930 1:36
6 Rarin` To Go 1930 2:15
7 There`s a Wah-Wah Gal in Agua Calliente 1930 1:25
8 I`m on a Diet of Love 1930 2:09
9 The One I Love Just Can`t be Bothered with Me 1930 3:09
10 Swanee Mammy 1933 3:17
11 If It Ain`t Love 1932 2:58
12 Putting it On 1933 2:45
13 Don`t Let Your Love Go Wrong 1934 2:31
14 It`s Written All Over Your Face 1934 3:20
15 Why Don`t You Practice What You Preach 1934 2:55
16 Every Little Moment 1935 2:50
17 Way Back Home 1935 3:18
18 The Object of My Affection 1934 3:24
19 I`ll Never Say "Never Again" Again 1935 1:43
20 Lullaby of Broadway 1935 2:38
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