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The First Crooners
Vol. II: 1930 - 1934

In the early 1930s crooning became something of a rage, especially with women. Crooners like Bing Crosby, Rudy Vallée and Russ Columbo led the way and set a style that influenced other singers of the time. Radio and talking pictures were reaching a mass audience and creating new stars overnight. Rudy Vallee, in particular, became a sensation on early radio. Both Crosby and Columbo gained celebrity from early film appearances.

While the women swooned over crooners, their men often found this intimate, romantic type of singing on the effeminate side. After all, this was an age where men were men and male vocalists were expected to belt out songs with a manly voice. Crooning was even spoofed in songs like Learn To Croon written and sung by Sam Coslow and Boo Boo Boo by Crosby himself. Still, nothing would turn back the trend and crooning was here to stay, at least for another two decades.

Although the vocalists in this collection had their start in the 1920s, they made a smooth transition to the romantic style of the early 1930's. Good Night Sweetheart, Love Is The Sweetest Thing and Try A Little Tenderness represent period classics which were ready made for crooners.
  Track Song Title Artist Date Time
1 Blue Kentucky Moon Gene Austin 1931 2:41
2 You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me Smith Ballew 1930 3:06
3 Love Is The Sweetest Thing Al Bowlly with Ray Noble 1932 3:17
4 Cocktails For Two Carl Brisson 1934 3:18
5 Out In The Cold Again Chick Bullock 1934 2:56
6 Evening Buddy Clark with Gus Arnheim 1932 3:26
7 Good Night Sweetheart Russ Columbo 1931 3:28
8 Learn To Croon Sam Coslow accompanied by The Islanders 1933 2:57
9 Boo Boo Boo Bing Crosby 1933 2:22
10 Singing A Song To The Stars Cliff Edwards 1930 3:28
11 Don`t Tell Her What Happened To Me Sammy Fain 1930 3:15
12 Confessin` That I Love You Art Gillham 1930 3:10
13 Hold Me Little Jack Little 1933 3:12
14 Hello! Beautiful! Nick Lucas with his Crooning Troubadours 1932 2:26
15 You`re My Everything Jack Miller 1932 3:04
16 Try A Little Tenderness Charlie Palloy 1933 2:57
17 Happiness Ahead Dick Powell 1934 3:03
18 I Love To See The Evenin` Sun Go Down Singin` Sam 1932 3:07
19 It`s Only A Paper Moon Conrad Thibault accompanied by Ray Sinatra 1933 3:09
20 Without That Certain Thing Rudy Vallée 1934 3:16
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