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The First Crooners
Vol. III: 1935 - 1940

From 1935 to 1940 crooning continued unabated and crooners became a dominant force on the musical scene. Bing Crosby was now a celebrated vocal star on radio, the silver screen and as a prolific recording artist. Rudy Vallée had become a major influence on radio and was discovering new talent as host of the of The Fleischmann's Yeast Hour. Promising crooners on the horizon included Bob Crosby, Buddy Clark, Perry Como and Eddy Howard.

By the late thirties a new style of popular music called "swing" was becoming the rage, especially with dance bands. While band vocalists were influenced by the swing style, crooners mainly stuck to romantic ballads performed in the usual fashion--demonstrated by You Are Too Beautiful, and Easy To Love. However, I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now by a young Perry Como is performed with a distinct swing influence.

In the 1940s and 1950s, crooners remained popular with occasional challenges by new stylists like Frankie Laine, Johnny Ray or a classically trained star like Mario Lanza. What eventually spelled its doom was a revolutionary new sound called "rock," led by Elvis Presley. Rock attracted a new generation of listeners, yet even Elvis actually crooned some numbers including his revival of the 1920's ballad Are You Lonesome Tonight.
  Track Song Title Artist Date Time
1 Melody from the Sky Lee Bennett 1936 3:00
2 Music, Maestro, Please Al Bowlly 1938 2:47
3 While A Cigarette Was Burning Carl Brisson 1939 2:50
4 Two Sleepy People Chick Bullock 1938 2:23
5 You Are Too Beautiful Buddy Clark 1939 2:53
6 I Wonder Who`s Kissing Her Now Perry Como 1939 3:15
7 Don`t Let That Moon Get Away Bing Crosby 1938 2:33
8 Blue Moon Bob Crosby 1935 3:24
9 This Year`s Kisses Skinnay Ennis 1937 3:06
10 Easy To Love Eddy Howard 1936 2:47
11 We Can`t Go On This Way Nick Lucas 1937 2:19
12 You`re Slightly Terrific Tony Martin 1936 2:47
13 I Can`t Get Started With You Red Mckenzie 1936 2:57
14 In The Still Of The Night Vaughn Monroe 1939 3:26
15 Midnight Blue Russ Morgan 1936 3:08
16 September In The Rain Dick Robertson 1937 2:51
17 I`ll Be Seeing You Dick Todd 1940 2:35
18 Soon (There`ll Just Be Two Of Us) Arthur Tracy 1935 3:17
19 Everything You Said Came True Dick Webster 1937 2:51
20 Harbor Lights Rudy Vallée 1937 2:46
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