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The First Torch Singers
Vol. II: 1930 - 1934

In the early to mid-1920s, female singers with big voices often portrayed women as hard-boiled Mamas who dominated men. For example, there was Hard-Hearted Hannah who "throws water on a drowning man" and Hard-to-Get Gertie whose "heart is colder than an ice cream freezer." This was clearly a time of liberation for the female sex who, in addition to voting, took to smoking, drinking, cutting their hair short and wearing pants—inspiring an amusing novelty song called "Masculine Women! Feminine Men!" from 1926, that can be heard on our 1920's collection, Wonderful Nonsense -- Fun Songs of The Roaring Twenties.

But by 1930, songs about browbeating mamas and hen-pecked papas had given way to sad songs about frail and lonely women, often in unrequited love affairs with men who were indifferent, insensitive, or even abusive. Fanny Brice, Ruth Etting, Helen Morgan and Libby Holman were the earliest of the torch singers and, ironically, they experienced in their personal lives the very unhappiness they often sang about. The remaining vocalists represent an all-star cast from that period.

From the early to mid-1930s, the period covered in this second volume, torch songs flourished, becoming fashionable as a performance style. Three classic torch songs by recorded in this period include Stormy Weather, When We're In Love and Nevertheless.
  Track Song Title Artist Date Time
1 I`ve Got to Sing A Torch Song Helen Rowland with Ed Kirkeby Orchestra 1933 2:41
2 No More Love Ruth Etting 1933 3:07
3 Something to Remember You By Helen Morgan 1930 2:52
4 Love For Sale Libby Holman 1931 3:14
5 He`s My Secret Passion Marion Harris 1930 3:08
6 Overnight Belle Baker 1931 3:08
7 Don`t Blame Me Ethel Waters 1933 3:10
8 Moon Song Kate Smith 1933 3:06
9 I`ll Never Be The Same Adelaide Hall 1932 3:08
10 Wasting My Love On You Lee Morse 1930 3;19
11 Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Love Irene Taylor 1933 3:00
12 Until Love Comes Along Bebe Daniels 1930 3:19
13 When We`re Alone (Penthouse Serenade) Sylvia Froos 1932 3:03
14 Stormy Weather Frances Langford 1933 3:04
15 Stop the Sun, Stop the Moon Mildred Bailey 1932 2:35
16 Am I to Blame Greta Keller 1934 2:46
17 Nevertheless (I`m in Love With You) Welcome Lewis 1931 3:02
18 Too Many Tears Go Go Delyse with Jimmie Grier Orchestra 1932 3:19
19 My Old Flame Zora Layman 1934 3:03
20 Be Still My Heart Gertrude Niesen 1934 3:11
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