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The First Torch Singers
Vol. III: 1935 - 1940

Although torch songs originated in the 1920s, their true decade was the 1930s—a period in which they flowered then died. Over the years torch songs seemed to became less melodramatic. By the mid to late 1930s, themes of torment were replaced by simple desires for more time with ones lover, pleading for kindness, yearning for a romance or simply savoring moments of happiness.

What remained the same with the newer crop of vocalists was a plaintive vocal delivery. Some of the especially soulful performances in this release include Imagination by Bebe Daniels, But Not For Me by Lee Wiley and Moments Like This by Maxene Sullivan. By contrast, Where Are You by Gertrude Niesen echoes an earlier dramatic vocal style.

Two of the original torch singers, Ruth Etting and Helen Morgan, were still recording in 1935, but most singers in Volume 3 were only launching their careers at this time and many would be around for years to come. Dinah Shore was still performing on TV until 1992. By the forties, torch songs evolved into love songs of the day and the sentimental vocal styling originated by torch singers was passed on as their contribution to a new generation of singers.
  Track Song Title Artist Date Time
1 Things Might Have Been So Different Ruth Etting 1935 2:36
2 I Was Taken By Storm Helen Morgan 1935 3:17
3 You`ve Got Me Crying Again Connie Boswell 1939 3:17
4 These Foolish Things Greta Keller 1936 3:38
5 Imagination Bebe Daniels 1940 3:10
6 Please Be Kind Frances Langford 1938 3:07
7 If You Should Ever Leave Mildred Bailey 1937 3:02
8 I Can`t Give You Anything But Love Adelaide Hall 1938 3:16
9 That Old Feeling Alice Faye 1937 2:25
10 I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues Ginny Simms 1939 2:45
11 For Sentimental Reasons Hildegarde 1936 3:37
12 Please believe Me Jane Froman 1936 2:41
13 Until The Real Thing Comes Along Dixie Lee Crosby 1936 3:08
14 But Not For Me Lee Wiley 1939 3:09
15 Moments Like This Maxine Sullivan 1938 3:00
16 Where Are You Gertrude Niesen 1937 3:12
17 Don`t Mention Love To Me Kay Thompson 1935 3:02
18 If I Had You Una Mae Carlisle 1940 3:23
19 All My Life Helen Ward / Benny Goodman 1936 3:13
20 Careless Dinah Shore 1939 3:05
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